Joining around 40 block parties throughout the city, the YMCA of York and York County will be participating in its first National Night Out Tuesday.

National Night Out is a nationwide event during which communities throw going-away parties for crime and drug abuse. York City has participated in the night for 27 years.

This year marks the largest National Night Out the city has ever had, with dozens of block parties starting around 5 p.m. in every district of the city, said organizer Jacqueline Marrero, crime prevention coordinator for the city.

While individual parties are responsible for choosing whether to announce their events, Marrero said it should be easy to locate all the events, which concentrate around West Market Street, all the way from downtown to the city line.

The events will be attended by Mayor Kim Bracey, members of the city police and fire departments and a number of local mascots.

Marrero added that local businesses were generous with donating prizes, with the York Revolution donating 1,500 tickets to its Aug. 22 game.

At the Y: The YMCA will be hosting one of the night's largest parties at the Graham Aquatic Center on Newberry Street.

The event will run from 6 to 9 p.m., featuring a workout led by a capoirea Brazilian martial arts group, in addition to a number of activities and crafts.

The workout is similar to Zumba, and working with the Lancaster-based group is part of the YMCA's effort to reach out to local Latinos, said Lindsay Sauth, director of development and communications.

"Everything will be free; it's really just to get the families out, something fun to do during the night in the city," Sauth said. "All across York, people are participating."

At New Hope: Another major celebration is being hosted by New Hope Academy Charter School and the Salem Square Community Association.

Their entertainment-packed celebration will be happening on the 400 block of West King Street from 6 to 8 p.m.

The event will feature performances by Cross, Pasos Caribenos, Jahiti, David James and Ndelible, Young Vishis, and The Temple Guard. That's in addition to a number of activities and crafts, including a petting zoo, balloon artist and bouncy house.

There will be an interactive display to teach youth about fire safety, and free food will be available as well.

Growing event: Marrero said she is confident that National Night Out will continue to grow, with more local businesses and members of the community getting involved every year.

The following roads will be closed during at least part of the Night Out celebration period, which runs from 4 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

* South Penn Street (between Market and King)

* South Belvidere (between Market and Mason)

* 100 block of North Pine;

* 800 block of Florida Avenue;

* 300 block of Reinecke Place;

* 400 block of Salem Avenue;

* 300 block of South Pine Street;

* 400 block of West King Street;

* 200 block of East College Avenue.

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